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Charcoal Fire is a three-piece band from the industrial region of Ruhr. Founded in 2011, the band consists of the main vocalist and bassist Jonathan, his brother Manuel, who is playing the guitar and adding extra lead and background vocals and Dominik on the drums.

The band's music is a blend of different genres, including metal, heavy alternative rock but also synthetic music. Their lyrics reflect on a wide range of social and personal issues, exploring themes of dystopia, self-liberation, and hope but also space exploration. The harmonic but yet distinct voices of the two brothers are a driving force for the songs.

Charcoal Fire released their debut album "Dystopia" in 2022, which was partially funded through a crowdfunding campaign. The album features 12 songs that reflect on the band's first decade together and showcases the band's musical evolution and their ability to blend different genres into their music. The title track, "Dystopia," stands out as an anthem for the struggles of modern society in the age of fake news.

In 2023, Charcoal Fire released their new single, "Arise", which marked a new direction for the band. With its catchy riff and anthemic chorus, "Arise" promises to be a crowd-pleaser and sets the stage for future releases from the band. The single "Directions" followed in the same year, tying in with the new musical direction taken with "Arise".

JonathanVocals / Bass
ManuelVocals / Guitar